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Fundamentals of Financial Position Management †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Talk about the Fundamentals of Financial Position Management. Answer: Presentation: This report has been set up to break down and comprehend the stock position and the presentation of a comapny. In this report, different devices and methods have been examined to distinguish the presentation of the Apple Inc. This report would brief that whether the financial specialists must put resources into this comapny or not. Principal investigation strategy is significant for each financial specialist to break down and distinguish the presentation of the comapny so that the high points and low points of a comapny could be found and the business position could likewise be broke down. For breaking down the key examination of the comapny, different devices and procedures have been explored to distinguish the exhibition. Apple Inc has its activities in the universal market. The administrative center of the comapny is in California. The primary items and the administrations of the comapny are to offer different electronic items and the administrations of the electronic items to its customers. The principle results of the comapny are cell phones, workstations, music framework and so on to the customers through disconnected and online stores. This comapny is the pioneer in the market and it takes a shot at its own working framework IOS ((Brigham, Eugene and Houston, 2013). The presentation of the Apple Inc has been assessed to examine and settle on a choice about the venture and divestment from the comapny. The presentation of the comapny and the examination over the comapny portray that the deals of the comapny is delineating about the better execution, the EPS and incomes of the comapny has been upgraded. Profit execution of the comapny pulls in the speculators more to put into the comapny. Market capital of the comapny portray that the capital of the comapny is as indicated by the business and the organization is very alluring to make venture (Yahoo money, 2017). Further, the money related examination of the comapny has been broke down to establish the exhibition and the situation of the organization. Proportion examination study has been performed to assess the monetary situation of the organization. Proportion examination study plays out that the situation of the comapny as far as gainfulness, liquidity, equipping, productivity and venture proportions have been exceptional in every single terms. The situation of the comapny portray that it is the best choice to put into the comapny (Morningstar, 2017). As indicated by the above assessment and the estimations over the presentation and money related situation of the comapny, it has been discovered that the comapny must sold out the stock as the inborn estimation of the comapny is very lesser than the market cost of the stock and in this way it is acceptable alternative for the speculators to sell out the stock at the present time and get more come back from the market. PE Multiple Model Industry PE proportion 11.50 EPS 8.31 Inborn Value 95.57 Offer Price 163.050003 Exaggerated Venture theory and conclusion: It is required for each speculator to break down the market and the interior and outer situation of the business and the comapny to dissect that it is useful for the financial specialists to put into the market or not (Glen, 2013). Speculation is an open door which helps the individual and the individuals to get the most elevated market come back from the market. It encourages the speculators to improve the value of their put sum in hardly any days. Different experts express that it is the best choice for the individuals to put their sum into the money related market to raise and improve the value of the sum. Speculations are the best choice for the individual and the individuals to improve the value of their investment funds. Through, different dangers and the qualities are constantly connected with the speculation (Higgins, 2012). The primary danger of the speculation is the high hazard than storing the sum from bank or keeps the sum at home and the principle quality of a venture is the exceptional yield which couldn't be found in the bank or from some other sources. Efficient audits have additionally been done to examine and research the progressions into the market. As indicated by the assessment, it has been discovered that the worldwide market has been influenced because of the worldwide money related emergency while prior and because of which, the exhibition of the comapny has additionally been influenced (Madhura, 2011). Further, it has been discovered that correct now the situation of the economy has gotten better. Subterranean insect subsequently the turnover of the comapny has likewise been improved. Through this report, it has been discovered that it is very opportune time for financial specialists to put into the market and snatch the significant yields from the market. The investigation over the business has additionally been done to break down the presentation of the comapny as far as the business and it has been discovered that the APPLE INC is the pioneer in the market and it is one of the most selling cell phone organizations in the around the world. As indicated by the different reports and the articles, it has been discovered that the Smartphone deals is improving step by step in the universal market and in this manner there are different open doors for the comapny to snatch the market and upgrade the productivity position and turnover more. The business is portraying about the different conceivable and positive changes which would help the comapny to develop more (Brigham, Eugene and Houston, 2012). End: As indicated by this report, examination over the business, investigation over the comapny and the prudent condition, it has been found and reasoned that the comapny is performing very well in the market. The exhibition and the situation of the comapny are as of now improving. This assessment and the count delineate that the speculator could put into the long haul. As indicated by the assessment over the stock cost of the comapny, it has been discovered that the inborn estimation of the comapny is very lesser than the market cost of the stock and in this manner it is acceptable choice for the financial specialists to sell out the stock at the present time and get more come back from the market. The base up examination study portray that the comapny is a decent choice for the financial specialists to put for the long time in this comapny. References: Arnold, Glen.Corporate money related administration. Pearson Higher Ed, 2013. Brigham, Eugene F., and Joel F. Houston.Fundamentals of budgetary administration. Cengage Learning, 2012. Brigham, Eugene F., and Michael C. Ehrhardt.Financial the board: Theory practice. Cengage Learning, 2013. Higgins, Robert C.Analysis for monetary administration. McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2012. Madura, Jeff.International money related administration. Cengage Learning, 2011. Morningstar. Apple Inc. Recovered from explanation/is.html?t=AAPLregion=usaculture=en-US, 2017. Yippee fund, IXIC, Retrieved from, 2017. Yippee fund. Apple Inc. Recovered from, 2017.

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Pros and Cons of Coal Energy free essay sample

The utilization of coal is a lot greater than that. Coal is utilized to make practically 50% of all power created in the United States. It is reasonable contrasted with other vitality sources, which means lower bills for its purchasers. Coal is effortlessly put away, moved, and controlled in enormous volumes An assortment of ventures use coals heat and results. Isolated elements of coal, (for example, methanol and ethylene) are utilized in making plastics, tar, manufactured strands, manures, and prescriptions. Coal power delivered 49. 7% of the U. S. power flexibly in 2005. As indicated by the Energy Information Administration, the U. S. has shown coal stores of around 496 billion tons of coal (more than some other nation on the planet), half of which is mine capable with existing innovations. Utilization of coal overall is required to increment 71% somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2030, driven by creating nations that utilization coal to produce about 75% of their capacity. The consuming of coal, similar to that of gas and oil produces carbon dioxide (CO2) the fundamental ozone depleting substance, which is connected to an unnatural weather change. We will compose a custom paper test on Advantages and disadvantages of Coal Energy or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Coal likewise contains sulfur dioxide when it is singed. In the environment, it gets sulfuric corrosive by oxidation, an aggravation for the lungs and a primary part of â€Å"acid rain†. Coal is a petroleum derivative that is singed so as to deliver power. It produces outflows, for example, sulfur, nitrogen oxide (NOx), and mercury, which can dirty the air and water. Sulfur blends in with oxygen to frame sulfur dioxide (SO2), a concoction that can influence trees and water. Mercury that is discharged into the air in the long run settles in water. This mercury in the water can develop in fish and shellfish, and can be hurtful to creatures and individuals who eat them. Presently that I’ve informed you regarding the cons of coal as our vitality power source, I should disclose to you that there are changes being made to decrease these dangers and facilitate your brains of natural concerns. Industry has discovered a few different ways to diminish sulfur, nitrogen oxides (NOx), and different contaminations from coal. They have discovered increasingly viable methods of cleaning coal after it is mined, and coal buyers have moved towards more noteworthy utilization of low sulfur coal. Force plants use vent gas desulfurization gear to clean sulfur from the smoke before it leaves their smokestacks. There are likewise advances that can expel polluting influences from coal or that make coal more vitality effective so less should be singed. Researchers are additionally taking a shot at better approaches to diminish mercury emanations from coal-consuming force plants. Reuse and reusing can likewise lessen coal’s natural effect. Land that was recently utilized for coal digging can be recovered for utilizes like air terminals, landfills, and greens.

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Channel Surfing

Channel Surfing We’re always seeking something better. Something nicer, faster, newer, sleeker, bigger. Something more. Something else. Some thing. The remote control made this search easier than ever: we can navigate a thousand channels without leaving the couch, flipping through channel after channel until we find something more desirable. But we dont know what were searching for. So we persist. Television isn’t the only place we channel surf: we dig through every aspect of our livesâ€"food, relationships, entertainment, workâ€"hoping to unearth anything other than what’s in front of us. Our problem is, in a world of unlimited choices, there actually is always something better somewhere. So, even when we pinpoint something we enjoy, it’s never enough, and we yearn for something superior. Its consumerisms paradox: that which makes us happy soon brings us discontent. The key to overcoming this cycle is simple: we must be happy with the channel were watching. If were not, we should change the channel. But once we locate a station we like, we should stick with it, enjoy it a while, and let go of the need to endlessly pursue the happiness thats already in front of us. We can enjoy this life in this moment, and eventually the channel will change on its own. Subscribe to The Minimalists via email.

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Writing News Faulkner Estate Lost a Lawsuit against Woody Allen

The lawsuits based on the alleged violation of copyright laws grow ever more common with every passing year and rarely make it to breaking news segments of newspapers and TV shows. The lawsuit of Faulkner Literary Rights LLC against Sony Pictures, however, was weird even by the modern standards. It concerned the nine-word phrase said by actor Owen Wilson in Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris, which sounds as follows: â€Å"The past is not dead. Actually, it’s not even past. You know who said that? Faulkner†. According to the representatives of Faulkner estate, this phrase infringes their rights because the screenplay uses the fragment from the novel Requiem for a Nun without compensation or permission. The original phrase read as â€Å"The past is never dead. It’s not even the past† – that it, the sentence said in the film wasn’t even a word for word quotation. Nevertheless, the copyright protectors considered their lawsuit to be completely justified, because the phrase contained the â€Å"essence† of the original phrase and the novel in general and therefore belongs to them. However, as can be seen from this piece of news, common sense sometimes prevails even in our times. Federal Mississippi judge Michael Mills did not find the estate’s point of view to be legally correct – according to him, both qualitative and quantitative analyses suggest that the nine-word phrase in question is of minute importance to society (differently from the original work) and to the work of art as a whole. It was clearly seen that even the judge was annoyed at the behavior of Faulkner’s estate: he ended his argumentation by saying that the court has got acquainted both with the book and the film in question and is extremely thankful that the parties didn’t ask him to compare The Sound and the Fury (another Faulkner’s novel, well-known to be quite hard to comprehend) with Sharknado (a recent B-movie about sharks falling out of the sky), obviously pointing out the absurdity of the initial request. It is unknown whether Faulkner Literary Rights LLC is going to appeal against this verdict, but the possibility of another court making another decision seems to be rather slim at the moment. This lawsuit points out two things: firstly, that the copyright holders grow ever more aggressive and are ready to file the most absurd and ridiculous lawsuits. Secondly, that their opinion is becoming marginalized (albeit slowly) – even the representatives of judicial system sometimes show signs of being tired of their behavior. After all, what we see here is not protection of somebody’s rights (Faulkner died in 1962 and current copyright holders don’t have anything to do with his literary work), but arbitrary application of law in hope of getting some extra profit.

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Foundation of Business Law - 988 Words

Charlie is going to rescind the contract. He demands return of his money and compensation for the loss of commission on several high profile sales of his business. He wants to rescind the contract because the package of software recommend by Carmine was obsolete, despite Carmine’s assurances. This problem is concerned with the contents of the contract which is term in the contract, the misrepresentation and unconscionable conduct. Charlie will claim that Carmine verbal assurances about the condition of the package of the software which recommended by Carmine was unable to utilise the Land Titles Office’s electronic lodgement of documents. Carmine will refer to the written contract which contains a clause that there is no warranty†¦show more content†¦This is an area difficultly for Charlie because the written contract does not record the oral promissory made by Carmine. Charlie asked Carmine that is the software suitable for his company use and Carmine has assured Charlie that it is suitable for his company but this is not written in the contract. Charlie has signed the contract without noticing that parol was not recorded in the written contract. If he sign the contract that means he has confirm the contract. Charlie would succeed in an action for misrepresentation. Carmine has made a statement of fact about the package of software (‘this package is widely used by several of well-established real agencies in South Australia wand was more than adequate for a small agency’) that is false and which has induced Charlie to signed and entered the contract. As a result of Carmine misrepresentation Charlie has suffered loss and damage of his company. It is fraudulent misrepresentation because Carmine knew that the package of software had already obsolete and had lie to make the sale. Charlie can rescind the contract and claim loss in the tort of deceit: Derry v Peek- Graw 12.7.2). Charlie can rescind the contract for unconscionable conduct. Carmine has destroyed the inequality in bargaining power that exists between him and Charlie. He is in much stronger position as a software dealer compared to Charlie who is in the weaker position as he just has basicShow MoreRelatedInfluences of Business Environment Essay1347 Words   |  6 PagesThe business environment is constantly changing as time goes by. There are several factors that affect the aspects of the business environment such as benefits, costs, and risks of conducting business. The type of business, economic, government, and legal influences are major contributors to the business environment, Riordan Manufacturing, Huffman Trucking, Kudler Fine Foods, McBride Financial Services, The Elias Group, and Smith Systems are business that are affecting by those influences. TypesRead MoreHow Charitable Organizations May Not Participate Or Intervene1678 Words   |  7 Pagesthrough legislation enacted between 1894 and 1969. Over that period of time, Congress established the basic principles and requirements of tax exemption, activities of tax-exempt organizations that were taxable, and defined and regulated public foundations. Early legislation was enacted between 1894 and 1936; tax-exempt regulations during this time developed around three principles: â€Å"First, organizations that operated for charitable purposes were granted exemption from the Federal income tax. SecondRead MoreTaking a Look at Uzbekistan1349 Words   |  5 Pageswinters. (One World Org.) Around 29.4 Million people live in Uzbekistan. (The Heritage Foundation) The capital city is Tashkent, that has a population around 2.5 Million (One World Org.) As stated above, the country has been slowly moving away from the Soviet Union communist style since gaining independence in 1991. President Islam Karimov has been in control of the country since the late 1980’s. (The Heritage Foundation) It has been estimated that over 60% of the population live in densely populatedRead MoreGreystone Bakery Eth316 Essay1178 Words   |  5 Pagesemploys convicted felons and homeless people. The company places the profits into a nonprofit foundation that benefits the entire community (CBS News, 2009). Film Summary The film is about Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, New York, which hires otherwise undesirable employees. The bakery operates a nonprofit foundation that returns the profits to the community in various forms (Greyston Bakery, 2012). The foundation supports daycare, computer classes, a clinic, and many other projects. The biggest itemRead MoreDoing Business In China Case Study945 Words   |  4 Pagestheir antitrust violations it does not seem that they are looking to re-enter the market anytime soon. Doing Business in China The number one understanding that any new business must understand when they are attempting to enter the Chinese markets is the cultural norms. These norms promote a manner of running a business that do not fit with the written laws that each and every business must follow. The current movement of the Chinese government is to promote their domestic businesses that areRead MoreEssay about Legal and Ethical Considerations of Marketing1697 Words   |  7 Pagesmarketing issues are not precisely addressed by existing laws and regulations. The four key elements to a better business ethics foundation are Ethics programs and a solid ethics foundation. The first is a strong code of ethics, like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 that made it important for businesses to have an ethic code, in writing about what one ought to do, and what to strive for. The second key element is ethics training with in the business. This is where the ethics code is integrated intoRead MoreA Report On The Boot Foundation Essay1366 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction: The Boot Foundation This business proposal aims at starting a new business, the Boot Foundation, as a solution to children poverty in New Zealand. The Boot Foundation sales all types of footwear, both men’s and women’s, and of multiple purposes. The Boot Foundation targets the premium market – the goal of Boot Foundation is to sell the shoes at a slightly higher cost than the industry average, so that the profit can be used to maintain the operation of the business and, at the same timeRead MoreThe American Concept Of Marriage1140 Words   |  5 PagesThe American concept of marriage foundation has been a foundation for human civilization for centuries. Likewise, forty-one American states revere matrimony laws of Moses between man and woman. However, the concept of marriage for Americans is under review by the United States Supreme Court. Citizens interested in changing the Law of Moses will present their purpose and reason challenging the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. Historical marriage values are questionable to some individuals in AmericanRead MoreEthics, Intellectual Property, And Piracy1379 Words   |  6 PagesPersonal and business ethics in an ever-expanding technological world are challenged in many different ways. Multiple communication methods and the availability of the Internet have made a large world much smaller in the context of information sharing, so the importance of understanding and utilizing measures to protect intellectual property and copyrights is vital to business success, ethical understanding and acceptance. In the following, I will specifically discuss the concepts of copyright, intellectualRead MoreMana 43221160 Words   |  5 PagesOrientation. - Brief introduction to Foundation ® Business Simulation- Discuss Team Formation - Briefly discuss Power Point Presentation and Annual Report requirement | - In Class | 8/28 (Tues) | - Lecture: Strategic Management â€Å"Creating Competitive Advantages† - DVD: Specialized Bicycle | - Chapter 1- Read Chapter 13 | 8/30(Thur) | - Lecture: â€Å"Analyzing the External Environment of the Firm†- Distribute Foundation ® Business Simulation ‘Team Member’ Guides- Foundation registration discussion. | - Chapter

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Photosynthesis and respiration rules outline Free Essays

Each small group has to designate a leader. Each small group has to choose 1 topic project and develop a † poem † , which is the lyrics, and a song. The song must be presented as a video song. We will write a custom essay sample on Photosynthesis and respiration rules outline or any similar topic only for you Order Now This video song should be educational and teaching, so it is preferable to include singing and lyrics with images or animations explaining and describing each topic project. This video song should last not more than 6 minutes and not less than 3 minutes. Any other characteristic of the video is up to the risk of each small group and the ours. The physical poem and the video song should be hands-in during the week 12-16 of January, in the first 2 days of that week for grading. These grades will be average with other 2 grades (further explained) and count for the sixth partial in individual glasswork (Item 2) and group work (item 3). The course (entire class) has to present 2 works that count as grade. One work is a Prize presentation in which all the 6 topic projects are synthesized as a mental map diagram, without losing the objective of being educational and teaching. The information source is the Duskier Book. This Prize must be hands-in on the first 2 days of the week 12-16 of January for grading. This grade will be average with the poem and video song grades, as mentioned before. The other course work is/are the model (macaque) or mini-models and/or lab experiment or mini-lab experiments that should explain, describe, and illustrate all the 6 topic projects. These model(s) and/or lab experiment(s) must be presented in the first 2 days of the week 12-16 of January for grading. This grade will be average with the poem and video song grades, as mentioned before. GRADING A) There are 4 works (2 small group work and 2 course work) and 4 grades that will be input directly into item 2 (individual glasswork) and item 3 (group work) for the sixth partial (January). The grade is individually computed, even though all works will be done in groups. B) If a small group work is done outstandingly, although the course did not win the first place in the project, I (the Biology teacher) will decide to add the grade of the small group, but individually, to item 5 (summarize), too. C) On the week 12-16 of January, there will be (date and place not yet designated although it will eventually be) he presentation and contest of all five Baccalaureate Biology Projects and the course with highest punctuation will win the project contest. The winner, all the students, will be granted 10 in item 1, item 2, item 4, and item 5, except item 3 (Evaluations) that will be a quiz taken during weeks 5-16 about photosynthesis and respiration. This is the highest motivation a course should be focused on. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION All works should be educational, teaching, and motivational. All students should be involved in any task (one or more than one). If determine that any dent has not done nor participated directly in any task, even if the course win the first place project, I will overrule that decision and all the students of the wining course will be granted just the grade each student got initially (check grading point A). If one course is eliminated, as it is mentioned above, the second course or the next course (in case of more than one elimination) with the highest punctuation will be declared winner of the contest and granted a grade of 10, as it is mentioned in grading point C. The punctuation to declare the winner of the Biology Project Contest will come from the scrutiny of screening questions using indicators (values) to students, teachers, other staff members, authorities, and visitors that will like to fill-in this survey. The Biology teacher and respective students of I Baccalaureate will not be allowed to fill-in this survey. During the presentation and exhibition Of the five Biology projects of Baccalaureate, the designated students of each course should be available and ready to respond to any question regarding to the following subjects and parameters: Language and Literature. Explain and describe briefly the characteristics of the poem: its genre and/or submerge, TTS rhyme, its metric, its rhythm, its figurative language (if possible). Music and Arts. Explain and describe briefly the characteristics of the music and video song: musical genre; social and/or historical context of the song or the genre; tune; harmony; rhythm; lyrics-notes and syllables; timbre; choir and choruses. Computing (InformAttica). Explain and describe briefly the characteristics of Prize presentation: characteristics; functions; advantages and disadvantages. TOOK. Biological processes and chemical pathways are usually very complex. When scientists attempt to explain these complex reactions, they usually reek them down into smaller, intermediate steps. These intermediate steps are then carefully researched and imitated (for example models and experiments). The hope is that eventually an understanding of the complex process is obtained. Is this manner of understanding complex concepts always successful? What are some of the limitations of this approach? TOOK: Are aerobic reactions a better adaptations to most cells and living organism than anaerobic reactions? Challenge this hypothesis using the Hempen’ s Raven Paradox and/or Popper s falsifications. How to cite Photosynthesis and respiration rules outline, Papers

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What Freelance Writer Moms Should Focus on For Back to School

The time is here! Do you hear the glorious music? 🙂 Im talking about back to school. Its the time when the children no longer whine about not having anything to do. Its also the time when the stress of trying to keep a house clean, run a freelance writing business and have those family road trips was making you crazy. I dont know about you, but this was the first official summer with the twins since they attended Kindergarten last fall. The summers before this were no problem as I was a stay-at-home mom and formed my own work at home schedule with twins. But, for some reason, this summer was a gong show. Lets see: My daughter was sick the first week in July and spent three days in the hospital The childcare options that I envisioned were no longer available I got ill and then my husband got sicker House chores (lawn mowing, gardening, organizing) took a back burner for July So yea, July was not the greatest month for us. August is doing better but just slightly! Back to school for me is filled with great ideas for my freelance writing business. If youre a stay-at-home mom and also a freelance writer, lets look at how we can optimize the time when our little ones are off at school. 1. Have a Schedule for Work Time One thing I realized once my twins started school is that I could sit at my computer from 9-3 without really getting up or working much. This was a new thing for me – being a full-time freelance writer – and I already was making a big mistake – having no set schedule. So, the first thing as a work at home mom is to find a schedule that works for you. What I like to do is do my house chores in the morning. This sets the tone for my day. Since I work in my home, I dont want a cluttered office or house. It needs to be organized and clean. So I get that out of the way. I then work from 9:30-12pm and take a break. I have to get up, walk around and have lunch with my husband (since we also works at home). This is the time I continue with chores (empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, etc..) and may run some errands. Its a good idea to take a mental break from working at home. But this leaves little time before I pick up my kids at 3pm. Sometimes I can squeeze in work from 2-3pm. Once the kids are home, its mom time. I stop working and focus on the twins and getting supper ready. Then when the kids go to sleep, Im hustling again! So figure out your schedule when its back to school time! Sign up to my free six-day email course and get even more actionable tips to help you succeed as a freelance writer. 2. Have a Plan Once you have a schedule, you need a plan for the business tasks you will be doing every day. If youre new to freelance writing, your daily tasks will be different from someone thats doing this full-time (like me). New Freelance Writer Plan Your primary job is to find a freelance writing job (if you dont have one or you only have one). You will spend the bulk of your time: Pitching to job boards Pitching guest post spots Cold pitching companies Networking with brands, influencers, and other writers on social media The second part of your time at home is creating content to market your freelance writing business. This is in the form of samples. You need to have enough samples of your writing ability to convince prospects to hire you for their blog or newsletter. You can house your samples on Contently, on LinkedIn or on your blog (which I suggest since having a home base of all your writing and business is more converting). Seasoned Freelance Writer Plan Okay. Youve been freelance writing for over a year now and probably had clients in the past. So, what do you do to take your freelance writing business to the next level? The first thing is you need to start raising your rate. I know this can be scary and daunting, but thats how you can make a living as a writer. I have a great video to help you (and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos). The next thing is to audit your writer website. You need to look at your portfolio and only showcase your best writing. Segment your portfolio with the different topics you enjoy writing about or just make sure the best samples are on top. Every year I also liked to change up my website copy and look of my site. While this isnt necessary, it helped me grow as a freelance writer and figure out my ideal client through that process. Finally, I would lean on your established clients and ask for referral business. My two top methods of landing freelance writing jobs as a seasoned writer are through referrals from previous clients and from other freelance writers and through my website. 3. Take Time Off Work on Weekends This may be hard for many. For me, I focus on my personal projects on the weekends and save freelance writing for the week. For new writers, this doesnt mean stop work completely; it just means dont pitch or do outreach on the weekends. Instead, use this time as learning time or educational time on learning how to be a freelance writer. You can also learn more about your niche or a service like copywriting. Personally, the best places to find freelance writing tips are on Pinterest. Make sure to follow me! Just type in freelance writing into the search bar and see what pins interests you! You can also check out these blogs to help you out: FreelancerFAQs The Write Life Freelance Writing If you can fit learning into your schedule then you wont feel like doing that is a waste of time. It is part of your plan to be the better freelance writer! During the weekend is mom time, right? Grocery shopping, meal planning, family time and more! For our family, every Saturday is family day. We do an activity like go to the lake, go bowling, bike ride or play mini-golf! The point is, to spend quality time as a family since you work so hard during the week. Back To School Means Back to Work for Freelance Writer Moms Summer is only two months where I live. Its only hot for those two months and then it cools down and before you know it, theres snow for 8 months out of the year! Balancing it as a work at home mom means fitting work during the summer and planning your work when your children go back to school. I hope these tips helped you and let me know in the comments your plan for back to school! I want to hear them!